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Three nurses appeared before St. Peter at the pearly gates. St. Peter said to the first, "Tell me what you did on earth." Said she, "I was a birthing room nurse. I helped bring hundreds of precious babies into the world." "Enter!" said St. Peter.

Then he turned to the second. "And how about you?" he asked. She replied, "I was a trauma unit nurse. I helped save hundreds of lives of people involved in terrible accidents."
"Enter!" cried St. Peter, and turned to the third.

"I worked for an HMO," she admitted. "Over the years I saved my company hundreds of thousands of dollars by refusing extended care to people who were trying to bilk the system." "You may enter!" said St. Peter. "You really mean it?" asked the nurse incredulously. "Yes," replied St. Peter. "You've been pre-approved for three days."